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A Day in the Life….not the Beatles song.

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My brain does not like shutting off, so my day begins with a search for my air pods which I used to play a podcast the night before.

I pick up on the podcast at whichever point I fell asleep as I hurry to get ready before my son wakes up.  If I have time I do a quick check on Edsby to see if a student or parent messaged me through the night, if I don’t I’ll check at school. I also do a quick check of the messenger group chat for my staff.  Staff will post supervision requests, the odd traffic update, or just general communication.  At one point this chat was just for “Choir Practice,” actual work has pushed this aside for the most part.

Arriving at school I check my work email and Edsby, I then open any digital lessons I will need throughout the day.  For example I typically have a smartboard lesson for math and often use a power point for science. As students arrive I use Edsby to submit attendance, doing so again after lunch.

As the day progresses I close tabs as assignments are written on the board. When I have prep these assignments are posted on Edsby for parents and students to reference. At this point I may respond to any messages sent during the day. If my marking isn’t too overwhelming I’ll use the remaining time for lesson prepping, typically typing out day plan notes and preparing any slideshows I need.

During downtime I check on the app my son’s daycare uses to see what he is up to or respond to any texts my wife may have sent.  The middle year’s teachers on my floor also have a messenger group to pass along any information or informal messages, depending on the time dependency I will reply when I have time.

As the school day winds down I check my texts one more time, then head out for the day.  Arriving home I’d like to say I take a break, but as I cook I put on Spotify or a Youtube video, only going off when my wife and son arrive.

This is where tech takes a break and for a few short hours we focus on each other….unless my son begs for a “show.” When my son goes to sleep, the computer comes out again to finish prep, work on assignments and input marks. We use Alexa to turn off the lights and I reach for my air pods to listen to a podcast and quiet my brain.

As I write how integrated technology is in every aspect of my career and life….maybe there is a reason my brain won’t stay quiet.

6 responses to “A Day in the Life….not the Beatles song.”

  1. Hi Mike

    I too post all of my lessons to EDSBY with pdf files of my notes, but I sometimes wonder how much engagement I am actually getting. More often than not I end up in conversations with parents stating “It has been availabe on EDSBY this whole time!” It would be nice if I could see who has accessed the actual lessons and for how long to see if the time invested is indeed worth it.

    On the topic of smart boards do you feel the technology is getting antiquated, or do you feel it is still relevant? My school does not have one in every class so more often than not I project my tablet screen on the board and use a stylus in Microsoft Word to go through math problems.


    1. I have the same struggle with Edsby, but at least you can point to the upload to prove you provided the information. It’s harder to convince a parent that their child was given a printed copy.

      As for smart boards, I do feel it is still relevant. My students enjoy interacting with it. I have math lessons where students can play with digital manipulatives, draw lines between equivalent fractions, etc. Perhaps it is best suited for k-8 students. I do find that it’s easy for technical glitches to halt a lesson and smart boards are so expensive that when they stop working you may just be left with a blank screen that takes up valuable wall space. Still, when they work they can be a great way to improve engagement. I have far more volunteers when I ask them to demonstrate the answer on a smart board, as opposed to sharing their answer verbally or trying it on the white board.

      I have also worked with non-smart digital projectors. Those are great when combined with a whiteboard (students can use a dry erase marker directly on the projected image). They are also much cheaper to replace. You do run into the issue of shadows and lose that direct interactive element.


  2. Thank you for your sharing your tech experiences on your blog, I really enjoyed reading your schedule.

    It seems like each second you are using technology and I realized that we all do this every time. I use Google Maps while going for work as I get confused with the bus stops in Regina. It will take some time to get knowledge of every location of this new place. Then I check my Emails and and Webmail of UoR. Through out the day there are notifications on Discord and I check them and reply sometimes.

    Indeed, we all are trapped in technology and use it every time. (Even using it while posting a comment. HAHA). Well, it was fun reading your blog and you really have a busy life.


  3. The app that your daycare uses sounds intriguing. What information do they all share with you? My sister’s daycare does something similar, where they tell them what the kiddos ate, send a few pictures along, and if any events happened that day (including potty training and falls). A very neat way to communicate for sure!

    Most definitely technology probably plays a role in your brain’s inability to shut off. Watching that Youtube video, “single-tasking is the new multi-tasking” is an interesting take on the concept for sure.


    1. Yes, it tells me what he ate and some pictures. We’re into potty training so that info is great to know. Cuts down on the worry when I know he ate and if he’s struggling with anything. Also very useful when his teacher isn’t there or they are too busy with other kids to give you a rundown on the day.

      My brain has always had trouble shutting down, although I’m sure that is exacerbated by tech. I try to limit my use at night to audio, but it’s always tempting to watch another video.


  4. Hey Mike,
    I enjoyed reading your blog.
    It looks like a chapter from a novel- “Just Another Day Being an Educator”. We are surrounded by technology and have so much on our plate that we hardly get any time away from it. And can totally feel why your brain can’t shut down with so many things to check upon.


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