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Culmination of Learning…and a Thousand Paper Cuts

If there was no time limit this video would have been at least 15 minutes. The writer in me got a little carried away, that lead to cuts, then more cuts and more cuts. All the little lines I treasured got tossed to the side. Even then it’s a few seconds over (13 with citations). There’s a reason my film degree was not in production.

On a side note the music I used from WeVideo gave me a copyright strike. First video ever uploaded and I got a copyright strike. Seems fitting.

Best of luck to everyone, whether you are done your masters journey or just beginning.

One response to “Culmination of Learning…and a Thousand Paper Cuts”

  1. Great job, Mike. You really highlighted a lot of the key issues brought up in our debates, and our continued responsibility to stay educated on these topics. Also, as an aside, loved the Avril “It’s complicated” reference. I like your vision for our digital world, and your emphasis on “try.” That’s all we can really do. I know educators like you will continue to make this world a better place, one student at a time. Best wishes on your learning journey!


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